Three Card Poker Guide: The Best Strategy To Get A 100% Win Rate!


Do you love playing poker? If yes, then you will do this as well. Poker has insane variations, and almost every country has its own poker rules. Both online and land-based gaming arcades have different versions of poker to keep their guests entertained. Indian poker, Texas Hold’em, and 3 card poker are some of the most popular variations played by people worldwide. You can play poker games on GetMega.

3 card poker is an exceptionally loved game because it is easy and great for both beginners and pros. You can enjoy this game anytime and anywhere, provided you have a pleasant group of friends or a great online portal.

It is a quick game and isn’t time-consuming at all. So if you are lucky, you make a handsome win in a short time. This game, however, requires skills, and with the right tips and strategies, you can win your way through. So, if you are ready to know all about 3 card poker and wish to ace the game, this is the right place. We will discuss this game and how you can have maximum wins at it.


A Little About 3 Card Poker Game

The 3 card poker game was invented to create a simpler poker game. As we already pointed out, poker games have always been popular, but most variations can be tricky for a beginner to wrap his head around. Some even find traditional poker slow. To cater to such players, Derek Webb invented this game. This has the fun element and mental stimulation characteristic of traditional poker but is much faster and more efficient. Once you understand how to play the game, it is a fun ride. And we assure you, learning the game is not at all tricky.

How to Play 3-Card Poker

In 3-card poker, the players are not against other players but the dealer. The dealer and the players are dealt three cards each. Before the action begins, every player must make an opening bet, also called the ante in the pot. After this, the players look at their respective cards and decide if they wish to continue in the game or stop right there.

To stay in the game, put in a play bet, and if you wish to withdraw, simply turn your card down and fold. Once all the players involved have decided, the dealer shows his card, and the one with the best hand wins the pot. The winning combinations in the order of low to high are:

  • High card
  • One pair
  • Cards of the same suit
  • Cards of consecutive numbers
  • Three of a kind
  • Three consecutive cards belong to the same suit.

If two or more players have similar hands, the one with the highest cards wins.

You can also indulge in more bets than ante and play if you wish to, but it is not mandatory and depends on the players and the dealer.

Strategies to Win 3-Card Poker

Besides being an interesting game, 3-card poker is also a game of skills and intuition. Practice makes one perfect, and the same can be said about this card game. With regular gameplay, you will be able to understand the nuances of the game and, over time, become a pro player.

But who likes to wait? Why play and lose games when you can win each of them with a few mind-blowing tips? So here we present to you the most successful strategies to win 3-card poker.

Know When to Play a Hand

Many people do not make correct judgments regarding playing the hand. Playing a weak hand will not fetch you anything; thus, it is best to discard a weak hand and wait for the next turn. If you have anything weaker than a Q 6 4, it is best to skip your turn, as you are likely to lose.

Know the House Edge

Know the house edge and regulate your risk appetite likewise. Do not get too aggressive, as it might make you lose too much. But at the same time, plan for the best and act when it is required.

Be Aggressive

Aggression is not a vice when playing poker. Often, aggression is the right way to go. So when you have a medium hand, stay in the game and see how it turns out.

The 3 card poker game rules are simple; by now, we hope you have learned how to play it. It is a fun game to make your weekends more interesting, and if you make additional money while playing, there is nothing like it! Remember the rules we explained and the tips we suggested while playing the game. Confidence coupled with practice can never stop a strong player. Therefore, keep polishing your skills and come off as a champion of this truly amazing game.

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