Why Is Netflix So Popular Around The World: Secret Of Success


Today, we can observe a trend of increasing popularity of video streaming platforms, one of which is Netflix. This service occupies a leading position in the field of film and television production, as well as the provision of streaming video. Netflix’s audience is 117.58 million subscribers worldwide. Day by day, the service continues to conquer new countries and increase the number of its users. This causes direct interest in the study of the phenomenon of Netflix’s success.

Netflix alternatives, which also provide ample opportunities for online viewing of movies and TV series, also attract attention today. Practice shows that Netflix and sites like Netflix are often geoblocked. However, thanks to VeePN, everyone can get fast and reliable access to them. Read this article to learn more about why is Netflix successful and how the best VPN for Netflix can change your IP address in Chrome to help you access the content you need.

When Did Netflix Become Popular and What Strategies Does It Have?

Netflix was founded in 1997. Initially, its business model was based only on the rental of movies on DVD. But since 2007, a streaming service has also been launched. Today, Netflix is ​​the largest supplier of films and series. This is due to the conclusion of cooperation agreements with popular film studios, as well as thanks to the original content of its own production, with which the company began to expand its library since 2011. In more than 190 countries, Netflix subscribers get instant access to content, which makes it one of the most affordable and popular in the world.

Netflix combines different business models into one. This approach is related to the nature of the company’s activities – streaming video and its own production. Thus, the following Netflix innovations and strategies can be distinguished:

  • The transition from offline to online. In 2007, the company, which had previously rented entertainment discs, decided to go completely online. This led to an increase in the audience and attracted customers from other countries;
  • The path from distribution to production. In order to keep customers on the streaming platform, it was decided to create unique content. Now the company offers viewers not only the most popular and expected films and series, but also produces its own high-quality film product;
  • Audience research and statistical algorithms. Having no experience in producing series, Netflix has managed to conquer the market and significantly increase the number of subscribers around the world. And all thanks to the use of customer data that has accumulated over the years in the company’s database (age, place of residence, languages ​​spoken by users, preferences, etc.). After analyzing this information, the company developed certain algorithms and started filming the movie. In particular, on the basis of client data, a hypothesis was built for the first web series called “House of Cards”, which became very popular. The same algorithm was used in the creation of other series and films of the company.

8 Netflix Principles for Building a Culture of Success

From DVD rental to original content production, Netflix has taken the world by storm. But the company does not stand still. It is constantly in dynamics, as it strives to maintain leadership in the market and wants to provide customers with new entertainment. From these desires, the brand’s mission and values emerge.

Here are the main principles that the company adheres to and which allowed it to become known to the whole world:

  1. The best motivation is participation in success;
  2. Everyone understands where the company is heading and what to do;
  3. No lying;
  4. Every decision made is actively discussed;
  5. Build now the kind of company you dream of in the future;
  6. A smart person for every position;
  7. Pay people as much as they are valuable to you;
  8. When there is a need to say goodbye to an employee, it is always done cordially.

Netflix`s principles for building a culture of the strongest include:

  1. A-players are your future. Talents must earn the maximum and see their impact on the company, through the achievement of interesting goals and involvement in success;
  2. Practice a culture of openness and sincerity, then you will be trusted;
  3. Say goodbye to employees correctly, and you will remain in their hearts and not just in the work book.

What Is My IP: Why Use VPN for Netflix?

Netflix is very popular today. Its library is extensive. But most of the content is geographically restricted due to copyright agreements. Using a VPN allows you to hide your IP address in Google Chrome and provides an opportunity to use the international Netflix directory. You get access to thousands of new movies and TV shows, no matter what country you are in. Therefore, you can keep secure access to your home streaming services even when traveling abroad.

Use VPN and enjoy all the benefits of Netflix and its alternatives without any restrictions!


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