Best Practices for Downloading Games for your Kid’s Safety


To download games can be easy and fast, thus leaving your children to spend more time with League of Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite, and leaving you with some more happy hours. There will be no more trips to various game stores, and no more need to get boxes from Amazon, often.

Besides, you all must be wondering, what can possibly go wrong when your kid gamer has free or unrestricted access to the world of the web? Well! There are some important things like – dangerous links, computer viruses, disturbing content, and credit card frauds, to name a few. Suddenly, it could seem like how important it is to keep your family secure as if it is a Fortnight Battle Royale.

But need not worry, wake up! If you learn a few practices to download games from safe and genuine sites like The Pirate Bay and a few important pointers, you can still enjoy the gift of downloads, thus minimizing the risk factor, especially in the case of young children.


To download games safely onlinedownload games safely

Knowledge is important in all the spheres of life and so in games too. You must be smart enough for downloading games safely from the web. This way, you can even guide your kids towards a secure gaming experience. It follows here-

Use only verified download platforms – licensed and official websites, offer security features for helping you to safely download games.

Consider: Most platforms for downloading games need you to share some personal details, and you can even require a credit card for buying items or games.

This is the main reason to avoid unverified or unreliable sources. You can never be too sure how all your information can be used, but definitely, it helps reading the privacy policy to know how your personal information would be shared and/or stored. A gamer can download a game that is riddled with various kinds of malware. He/she can become a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud.

Following are a few verified platforms you can consider to download games:

App storesapp store

App stores are one of the best options. It is a great idea for avoiding third-party stores, as few downloads can include malware.

Important note: Apple App Store and Google Play are the only genuine and verified sources for phone games. App store even carries an iOS version of Fortnite.


This amazing platform allows users to choose from thousands of interesting games for Mac, Linux, and PC. These games are being stored in the cloud, and you could even download them from different devices.

Steam also authenticates all games. This means it monitors and tests them for viruses, thus making it easier to look for kid-friendly options.

Steam features privacy settings and parental controls which work for parents and kids as well. For example, Steam’s Family View feature allows families and parents to establish various rules for what is accessible. That would mean – you could limit access to only particular kinds of content and features. The other features could be “gated”, using a secret PIN.

Official game websites

When going straight away to companies and developers which created them, you could buy games for your gaming console, Mac, and PC. After buying through an official website, you would be sent a verification email that contains an access code or a secure link for downloading the content.

Torrents & pirate sites

Often games cost a good amount of money. And that can make the pirate proxy bay sites tempting for purchasing games at cheap rates. Similarly, torrents permit peer-to-peer sharing of several games as well, and this is another cost-cutter.

Epic Games downloader

If you want to download Fortnite, Epic Games downloader is the best and only verified platform for downloading it. Epic Games has decided never to distribute Fortnite via Google Play Store, in fact, it is just distributing this game through its website on Android.

All this must be a reminder of why it is so important to just make transactions in games or only in marketplaces having verified gaming platforms.

If you are looking for the best and most reliable website for downloading games for your kids, choose thepirateproxybay. All the latest games that they offer are safe and copyrighted for downloading.


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