5 Best Call Bomber Websites in 2022 for Online Call Bombing


Best Global Call Bomber Online 2022 | Toll Box Call Bomber 2022 – Hello friends, prank with friends has become quite common these days. If you are thinking the same then this tutorial is for you. Here we will share best online call bomber websites on TechZeal that can help you to do prank with your friends.

Call bomber online is a type of online tool allowing you to do calls to a specific person at a very higher frequency than normal. You can also set a frequency for SMS the higher the frequency the faster Call will be missed. Check alsoWebsite to Trace mobile number current location


What is Call Bomber?

Call bomber is an online tool to missed unlimited call with a specific number. The calls will be automatically sent to the targeted phone number. You can see the interface of such a kind of online call bomber websites. Check AlsoSMS Bomber Online

The noticeable thing of online call bomber is that that, it does not show the callers identity OR any other private information. It this way, the call receiver cannot guess or find the call details. The call receiver will receive calls from different numbers and will tell the OPT of different apps OR website.

How to Use Call Bomber

Not a rocket science to use call bomber website. You just have to log on the website and put the number of messages you want to send and click on call bombing. That’s it

Types of Call Bombers

There are two types of call bombers, first one is web based and second is app based call bomber. You can use any of them, both usage are same and interface are likely same.

Best Call Bomber Website

Smsmbomber.online| Call Bomber 2022Call Bomber online

SMS Bomber Online is one of the trusted and best Online Call Bombing tool in 2022, people use to prank their friends. This service allows you to Call bomb online your friends for up to 10 counts per user. To use the unlimited call bomber, you need to use a separate tab and which keeps sending bulk call until you close the tab.

How to use Call bomber online

  • Log on the official website i.e. @smsbomber.com
  • Enter the number you cannot prank
  • Click on bomb to send unlimited calls & click on stop when you want to stop call bombing.

Call Bomber| Call Bomber 2022call bomber

Call Bomber is a prank tool, which can send huge calls at same time. You can use it on your friends and irritate them by sending spam calls. This call bomber is free, easy to use and has also cross platform support. This website also provides Online SMS Bomber service to prank by SMS.

Call Bomber| Call Bombingcall bomber

Another working call bomber named callbomber.in. Just select an country code and enter the number and bomb there number. Now you can send unlimited calls with no restrictions. This website also provide SMS Bomber service to prank with your friends by sending bulk SMS.

Call Bomberz | International Call Bomberinternational call bomber

Callbomberz.in is another working call bombing website to prank with your friends by missed unlimited calls. This is a prank website which can send spam call to target. This call bomber is free, easy to use and cross platform support. It’s also provide International Call bomber facilities for their user for international call bombing. most of user search call bomberz.in or callbomberz.in, both are same.


Bomberz is another good call bomber without key for call bombing. Here you can use this website without downloading and login. This prank website to prank with your friends. Just enter the mobile number of your friend and enter Access Key to start call bombing.



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