Reasons College and University Students Hate Writing Tasks


In today’s educational system, a lot of college and university students tend to avoid or/and dislike writing assignments. Most undergrads know that every other assignment in math, accounting, statistics, computer science, English literature, coding, or any other discipline takes too much time. For some, essays, term papers, and lab reports are very tedious tasks since there are so many sub-steps that need to be taken to create the best quality papers. What is more, many students have dysgraphia and dyslexia which make the process of work more challenging. Below, we listed some of the main reasons why students do not like writing assignments.

  1. Students Have Poor Spelling and Grammar Skills

Let’s face it, people don’t like to look stupid. That is why a lot of college and university students decide to turn away from essays and term papers because they’re afraid of looking silly due to weak spelling and grammar. When you have to cope with the college writing assignment but worry that you won’t sound smart, chances are you may develop hatred or fear of every other writing assignment.

  1. Undergrads Do not Understand the Work

One of the main reasons why students might want to kook for expert help online is that they do not understand what exactly they are supposed to write about and what rules to follow. With a hectic schedule, several pages of writing requirements, and poor writing skills, students find themselves not knowing what an essay or any other paper is supposed to be about. As a rule, this is the result of a mismatch between what your actual knowledge is and what your tutor assumes you really know. Do not hesitate to approach your professor for clarification. If the assignment requirements are confusing, it is important to make things clear at the very beginning.

  1. You Don’t Like the Chosen/Given Topic

Writing is one of the creative processes. That is why the more interested and passionate you are about the chosen or given topic, the faster and easier you will cope with the task. Since you enjoy researching and come up with juicy topics, you will be able to produce papers that are authentic and personalized. It’s no doubt that finding something to write about is not easy, especially when you don’t care about the topic of the project itself. For that reason, you have to choose your topic wisely whether you work on a simple essay or a research paper. If you do so, you will enjoy the process of writing and get the desired grades.

College tutors know very well how important it is for a student to choose the topic for a project. However, if you’re not interested in the subject or encounter certain limitations, try reading some creative reviews and watching videos on the topic. Thus, you will get a better idea of the subject and learn how to explore it in a college paper.

  1. Lack of Time

The pressure to succeed is really strong in college and university. Your college routine can feel like 24 hours per day are not enough to cope with the home assignment, hang out with friends, care about your loved ones, focus on extracurricular activities, and so on. Undergrads find themselves juggling all the responsibilities, with their home assignments as a measure of how high their scores will be later on. What is more, a lot of college and university students also have to manage full-time and part-time jobs after classes.

  1. College Assignments Are Too Tough

More often than not, students don’t like writing because they find certain topics and disciplines too difficult. In college, some disciplines are your specialties while the other subjects are neither interesting nor important for you. As a rule, these disciplines are hard to deal with when it comes to writing an essay, book review, research paper, or any other assignment. Every other project is already a difficult task to handle and the high complexity level of the assignments doubles the problem.

As a result, a lot of college and university students look for college assignment help from top  expert writers online. They choose to work with competent experts who are there to help with college assignments of any difficulty level for a cheap price. You can choose a competent writer 24/7 to have a reliable helper in any discipline. Professionals are there to share their knowledge and help turn even the toughest assignments into an adventure.

  1. Poor Level of English Language

A lot of college undergrads are ESL students. Their grammar, spelling, and punctuation abilities are insufficient to compose supreme quality essays that deserve an A+. That is why every other assignment that should be written in English is a painful process.

  1. You’re a Math Student

Let’s face the truth – not every college and university student can boast of writing quality papers. And the reason is that they’re engaged in the fields of exact science, while writing isn’t part of their academic routine. They can easily deal with geometry theorems but find it extremely difficult to accomplish a simple essay in English. Needless to say that regular writing tasks assigned to them make them despise this type of classwork.

Final Thoughts

For some solid reasons, college and university undergrads hate writing assignments. To ease the process of work, make sure to cut off distractions. Even when you’re a fan of writing, there are loads of diversions wherever you look. That is why when you find yourself struggling with a college essay, presentation, book review, or term paper, all those Netflix shows and social networks shouldn’t be around. Block all the gadgets, unnecessary websites, and music sources that may steal your attention. It will help you focus on the process of writing and, who knows, maybe find yourself enjoying the process at some point.


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