5 Tips for Students To Care For A School Laptop At Home


Laptops/computers are an essential part of our life, even for school students. Come to think of it, in recent times the usage of laptops for school students has increased drastically. Especially being gone through the pandemic situation.

Having said that, many schools are following the 1:1 device rule and are issuing laptops for students for the betterment of their studies. Though the students know how to use a laptop, however as kids their awareness of taking care of it is pretty low.

But as a student, you should take care of your laptop not just in school but also at home. But it won’t be surprising if you don’t know how to. However, you’ve completed the first step already just searching for solutions.

The rest you can leave it us because here you learn the importance and how to take better care of your laptop at home.


Do Students Need To Take Care Of The School Laptop At Home?Care For A School Laptop At Home

Just so you know, compared to desktops, laptops are more likely to be damaged. And once it’s damaged it’s both time-consuming and expensive to repair. So taking the necessary precautions not only helps your laptop but also enhances your work performance.

Because as you take better care of your laptop, it runs smoothly and doesn’t hinder your work performance. Especially if you’re a Ph.D. student, then you need it the most. Because the laptop for Ph.D. students reduces the workload, it’s crucial to keep their integrity intact.

Not only that, if your laptop is provided by the school authority, then if something were to happen to it, you’ll be held responsible for it. Remember a laptop is a sensitive piece of hardware, so you must treat it with proper care if you want to get the most out of it.

5 Tips For Students To Take Care Of A School Laptop At Home?laptop buying guide

By now, you’ve got a general idea about why you need to take care of your computer, right? Because if you don’t then you might break or cause severe damage to your laptop, and nobody wants that, right?

As we mentioned earlier, a laptop is a sensitive piece of hardware. It needs extra care. Otherwise, it won’t be able to provide the necessary support for your studies. So keeping it in mind, we’re here to share 5 tips with you that’ll help take better care of your laptop.

Tip-1: Use Your Laptop In A Proper Manner

The first tip we have for you is to use the laptop in a proper way. As you know the laptop is smaller compared to a desktop.

That gives you the flexibility to move around with it. But that doesn’t mean you can use it however you feel like it. You can follow these guidelines below to use a computer properly.

Keep It On The Solid Stable Ground:

Always use the laptop on a flat stable surface. Don’t keep your laptop over your feet or on unstable ground, because it has a high probability of causing fall damage. You try using a cooling pad for your laptop, it helps keep it cool and maintain better health for your computer.

Don’t Keep Objects Over Laptop

Our research shows that many students tend to keep pens, rollers, and other necessary objects over the laptop. Well, it’s a bad habit of many students, which can cause damage to the laptop.

Keep Your Hands Dry:

As you know the laptop is an electronic device, and if it comes into contact with any water, it’ll surely be damaged. So don’t use your laptop while your hands are wet. It might short-circuit the motherboard and cause severe damage to your laptop.

Don’t Take Our Frustration On The Laptop:

Any way you look at it, sometimes studies get frustrating. There’s little you can do about it. However, you can’t take out frustration on your laptop by typing on the keyboard hard or slamming the laptop’s shutter down hard.

In doing so you can cause permanent physical damage to your computer. Be gentle with your laptop while working on it.

Tip-2: Avoid Food Consumption Near The Laptop.

As a student, we understand you need to keep a steady metabolism, otherwise, you’ll fall sick. But you shouldn’t eat food in front of your laptop. You should know while you’re eating fallen food debris can enter your laptop’s internal system and could cause a major system failure.

If you spill drinks over the laptop it can short out the motherboard circuit, and ruin your laptop for good. So if I can avoid eating or drinking in front of a laptop that’ll be great. If you can’t then maintain a minimum distance to ensure safety for your laptop.

Tip-3: Store Your Laptop Properly While Not In Use

Needless to say, you’re not using the laptop 24/7, right? And that’s good for both you and your laptop. However, while you’re not using the laptop you must keep the laptop safe as well.

Keep your laptop in a secure location, so that it can’t be either stolen or get damaged from uncertain events. Make sure to turn off the laptop properly and keep it in a secured case and keep it off ground.

Tip-4: Keep Your Laptop Clean

The laptop tends to get dirty from time to time. And if it gets too much dirt on its internal system, it’ll hinder your laptop’s performance. And in extreme cases might ruin your laptop’s essential parts.

So you must keep your laptop as clean as possible, to get the most out of it. To clean it you’ll need a microfiber cloth. You can follow the given guideline for cleaning your laptop.

  • Outer Shell: First, let’s begin with cleaning the laptop’s outer shell. Wipe out the dust with a dry microfiber cloth. If it has any sticky debris then slightly soak the cloth with detergent water and wipe it clean.
  • Display Panel: Now to clean the display, clear out the dirt with the dry cloth first, if it doesn’t clear out, spray glass cleaner slightly on the cloth and wipe the screen clean with it. DON’T use it directly on the display.
  • Keyboard: To clean the keyboard, first, move your laptop upside-down and give a slight tap on the back, it’ll help remove any stuck dust inside. Then take an air compressor and use it to clear out the debris from it. Then wipe it clean.

Tip-5: Carry Your Laptop Safely

As you know laptops provide transport flexibility for you. But that doesn’t mean you can transport it however you like. No matter how well your laptop’s built, it’s always weak on its joints.

That’s why it needs proper padding while transported from one place to another. However, you can easily get a bag with proper padding for carrying a laptop. These bags will keep your computer steady and secured in one place while moving around. This helps to avoid any damage to your laptop.

Final Considerations

Unlike desktops, laptops are delicate pieces of hardware and not meant for extensive usage. If you do want to use it for your daily school work, we recommend using it by following the above-mentioned tips.

It’ll surely help you keep your laptop in mint condition. However, you can keep the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad safe by using an extra USB mouse and keyboard which you can get at a very low cost. If they stop working then you can easily replace them, but if the internal keyboard and touchpad get damaged then fixing it will be really expensive.


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