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YIFY Proxy Sites 2022 – YIFY, also known as YTS torrents, is one of the most popular and widely used torrenting websites. After the pirate bay, YIFY has been the hub for finding new movies, shows, videos, and more. However, it is a torrenting site and is in danger of getting shut down at any moment.

Many YIFY Proxy or mirror sites are 100% working and will provide you with the latest movies, tv shows, and more. You can also use VPNs to unblock the YIFY torrent website. In this blog, I have listed some YIFY Proxy sites that work completely and redirect you to the torrenting website.


What are YIFY Proxy Sites?

YIFY, also known as the YTS group, provides good quality HD videos and movies. After some time, their outreach became wider, so they started a torrenting website. The quality of the content attracted most of their customers, and the site became famous. YIFY Proxy Sites

YIFY has been an overall hub for viewers to locate and download movies and other videos in different formats and qualities, such as 1080p total HD, 720p HD, and blu-ray. Users don’t have to pay to download high-quality movies, which is one reason why YIFY sites are famous among users.

What are the Features of YIFY

  • YIFY sites provide you with the highest quality videos, which is why the site is so popular among users.
  • The torrent site makes it easier to find movies or videos and download them.
  • It uses encoding to create its high-quality posts.

How to Unblock YIFY with VPN 

YIFY has been blocked in many countries due to its infringement of piracy law. However, VPN helps unblock the site or provide other proxy or mirror sites.

VPN is a private network that hides your ISP and identity. Your identity will remain secure if you use a VPN to use the YIFY site.

YIFY Proxy and Mirror Sites that are 100% Working

Even if the main website of the YIFY gets shut down, many proxy and mirror sites work perfectly. Some YIFY proxy and mirror sites are 100% working in 2022.

YIFY Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1.  YIFY Proxy ONE

2.  YIFY Proxy TWO

3.  YIFY Proxy THREE

4.  YIFY Proxy FOUR

5.  YTS Proxy ONE

6.  YTS Proxy TWO

7.  YTS Proxy THREE








Very Fast

Very Fast

Very Fast

Very Fast

Very Fast

Very Fast

Very Fast

How does YIFY Proxy Work?

A proxy server links you and the torrent sites you want to visit. The server redirects you to the destination website when you send the request, and the YIFY torrent is your destination website.

As the proxy server is located in a different location, the regional restrictions do not apply to the site. So you can easily load your site from the proxy server, and it’ll help you use the site even if it’s unavailable in your region.

What are some YIFY Alternatives?

Although there are a lot of YIFY proxy and mirror sites, sometimes you may not find the video or the movie you want to watch on these sites. In that case, here are some best YIFY alternatives you can use.

The Pirate Bay

This is one of the best and most popular torrent sites that can be an alternative to YIFY. They have many movies, TV shows, videos, games, and many more. You can find the videos in all types of qualities such as cam, HD, subtitles, or dubbed.

KAT Torrents

Kick-Ass Torrents is one of the best YIFY substitutes you can use. Its specialty is that the website has movies and TV shows of all genres. You can find comedy, thriller, action, horror, romance, and more on this website.


ISOHunt is one of the oldest torrent websites that are still in use. It has a large collection of old torrents as well as new ones. This would be a great alternative for YIFY.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Before understanding, if torrenting is legal, you need to know what torrenting is. It means you share files, videos, and others using the internet and involve peers and seeds. Torrenting originated as a method of transferring files between dorms.

Slowly, torrenting became huge and was used by almost every internet user. People could easily get the latest shows, movies, and games using this file-sharing media, which hinders the copyright laws as all the files are pirated.


So here are some of the YIFY Proxy sites that are 100% working in 2022. These sites will help you redirect toward the YIFY website, and you can download and watch your favorite content from here.

However, if you are not finding your favorite content on the YIFY or YTS website, I have given you some best alternatives for YIFY. While all these sites provide you with your desired content, you need to use a VPN to browse and download it.

VPN secures you while downloading the torrents as these are pirated contents and infringe the copyright laws of the creators. It would be best if you were careful in that case. A VPN will direct your website to another location and hide your IP address, making it safer for you to surf those torrenting sites.


How YIFY Proxy Sites Works?

After the ban of YIFY, there are many YIFY Proxy Sites or YIFY mirror Sites working as same.

Is Yify 2022 Down?

The real YIFY/ YTS site was shut down in 2015. We have listed some working and best YIFY proxy sites and YIFY mirror sites that you can use.

What is the light Yify proxy site?

The real YIFY/ YTS site was shut down in 2015, however numerous sites imitating the YIFY/ YTS brand still receiving a huge amount of traffic. So there are many YIFY/ YTS proxy sites available.


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