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Extratorrent proxy Sites – Extratorrent is the most used torrent site with a huge library of apps, software, games, movies, and tv shows. Launched in 2006, Extratorrent is one of the fastest and most secure torrent systems.

This extratorrent proxy is capable of surfing and downloading whatever entertainment content you want. It has other mirror sites containing exact content from the main site server, providing many torrent magnet links to download the files. With these extratorrent proxy mirror sites, you can get free access to music, films, files, and games of your desire.

However, when a torrent site becomes famous, the government blocks them due to copyright issues. Many different countries have banned extratorrents sites. This torrent site is not completely accessible due to the ban, but with VPNs, you can access these proxy and mirror sites. extratorrent proxy


Extratorrent Search Engines

Extratorrent search engine helps you search movies, TV shows, music, games, and other files. It helps you find the latest updates and information. You can easily find high-quality content and get your hands on the latest movies and shows with 720p and even 1080p quality.

Countries where Extratorrent is banned

These are the lists of some countries where Extratorrent sites are primarily banned:

  1. United State of America
  2. India
  3. Italy
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Russia
  6. France

Working Extratorrent proxy sites

When the main site is blocked, you don’t have to worry. Because there are proxies of extratorrent sites which have the same server as the main site, these are some of the proxy mirrors of original extratorrent sites that you can use to download files of your choosing. The lists are as follows:

If one doesn’t work in your country, then open another link.

Extratorrent.ch | Extratorrent proxy sites

This mirror site of Extratorrent allows you to access all the contents of the original torrent site. If you can’t open the main site, you can download all the content with this site. If you want newly released movies and shows, this proxy website offers that.

Extratorrent.cc | Extratorrent proxy sites

In one of the best and most popular Extratorrent proxy sites, come to this site Extratorrent.cc. There is a huge amount of content you can get access to with this proxy site. You can find the best content you want and enjoy them. This is one of the solutions to unblock extratorrent. It would help if you used VPN and proxies to get the fastest speed.

Ways to unblock Extratorrent site

If your country has blocked the Extratorrent site, then this is the method you can use to unblock the original Extratorrent site:

Using a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that provides protection to your internet and privacy to your online activities hiding your IP address from governments and hackers. If you are from the USA, you can use VPN, change your IP address to connect to another server, and there you go. You can now surf and search files from the Extratorrent site.

Using Tor browser

Tor is a browser that creates a private network to surf the internet. It protects you from plugins that can reveal your IP address. Tor Browser can be used to unblock Extratorrent sites easily.

Public DNS servers

Using Public DNS is one of the ways to access Extratorrent proxy sites. Local DNS blocks the Extratorrent sites, so you can replace local DNS with Public DNS to unblock these sites. The public DNS is available all over the internet.

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Alternatives of Extratorrent sites

If you can’t use Extratorrent for any reason, there are many other trusted torrent sites like Extratorrent that offer you the entertainment content you want. Some of those sites are:

The Pirate Bay | Extratorrent Alternatives

With about 35 languages, the pirate bay is one of the well-known and trusted torrent sites. It offers diverse content like movies, games, tv shows, apps, and software. These web contents are flexible, and you can quickly transfer new items. You can also find mirror sites of this torrent site.

1377x | Extratorrent Alternatives

Among the torrent users, 1377x is the most famous torrent site. Launched in 2006, people share the best torrent content files to download. You can smoothly and quickly download content like anime, movies, apps, tv shows, software, and games. There exist mirror sites also for this torrent site.

RARBG | Sites Like Extratorrent

With an easy-to-navigate interface, RARBG is the perfect torrent alternative for Extratorrent. It offers many magnet links and torrent files, and that facilitates p2p file sharing with BitTorrent systems.

YTS torrent | Sites Like Extratorrent

A version of ytfs torrent is one of the best alternatives for Extratorrent. YTS torrent produces quality torrent files for the users. It offers an intuitive interface, and the new version provides even 4k resolution. You can easily download movies, games, tv shows, and software.

Torrent download

With a metasearch engine, Torrent download offers simple use. The interface of this site is easy and simple to use, and you can easily search for what you want and get it.


There are many torrent sites on the web, but you can’t trust all the websites. Those mentioned above are among the best torrents for you to use safely. These websites also have mirror sites, which you can use in case the original site doesn’t open.

But you need to use antivirus software as some torrent files can damage or insert viruses into your system.


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