9 Apps for iOS and macOS that Suits Your Basic Needs


If you are the owner of a Mac computer, you are quite fortunate as it opens the gate to numerous useful applications (apps), including an app that is used to reset lost Mac passwords. The benefits of applications are not hidden, and everyone is well aware of the empowerment it gives to users.

Come, let’s explore different apps for iOS and macOS and know what these are good at and can do for us. Of course, these are trendy and usable in the year 2021 also. Once you are through this article, you will be able to select a suitable Mac app for you.



Alfred can do much more than just launch on Mac. Among different multiple functions, it allows you to execute calculations quickly, do internet searches, and find word meanings. This Mac app enables you to perform intelligent functions. Plus, its new version provides advanced workflow and makes your work easier than ever.


Medusa is a Mac password recovery software that is quite high in speed. Like THC Hydra, it works remotely; however, it is more stable and provides a quick login feature. Also, it is a thread-based tool that prevents duplication of information. If you have forgotten your account password and want to know how to unlock macbook pro without password, either navigate to macOS native keychain to recover passwords or visit the online resources to learn more.


If you use multiple apps, Bartender is the perfect match for your Mac. This is because it empowers you to pick apps to exhibit in the menu bar and organize their position as per preferences. It also allows you to find specific data items and move them into the Bartender Bar if you need extra space.

Earlier, this app did not support macOS Catalina, but now it does. Basically, it is designed for the organization of multiple apps in your Mac and allows you to systematize your system. Above all, you can try it for four weeks completely free.

Bearapps for ios

If you are a writer, the Bear application is the best matched and versatile markdown editor for you. It gives a seamless writing experience, especially for Mac users who write on multiple devices, that includes their iPhone and iPad. With minimal design, it is pleasing to use and limits distractions while writing. It gives a wonderful and flexible experience for writers on the go.


Dropzone is a Mac-compatible app, which, once installed, seems to be an integral component of Mac systems. It acts as a shortcut tool that enables you to copy and move files quickly, open other applications, and share through popular social media apps such as Flickr and Facebook. Next, you are also enabled to upload files through Amazon S3 and FTP or reduce URLs using Goo.gl shortener.


Favorite of many, Amphetamine prevents your Mac from turning on sleep mode, starting the screensaver, and performing the auto-dim function. Loaded with these features, it is ideal for Mac users who stream videos, watch movies, songs, etc. and perform other activities that don’t involve touching the keyboard or mouse for a long period. However, it should be noted that this app does not work with macOS versions older than Yosemite.


This is one Mac app that empowers you to multitask by allowing you to view several tabs and apps side by side in a single go. Plus, it allows you to drag, snap, and lock windows to any corner and edge of your Mac screen. Last but not least, it is a complete tool that comes with predefined shortcuts keys that makes your work more productive.

Quiet 3apps for MAC

Quiet 3 is a customizable app in which users can create several rules depending on what they want and do not want. Basically, it blocks all unwanted content on your Mac. It even blocks scripts usable for analytics gathering and crypto mining. The app designed for iPhone and iPad functions on the Safari app; however, the one meant for the Mac app integrates all-inclusive filters. So, if you need an application that can filter out all undesired content and notifications, install Quiet 3.


This Mac app is quite useful for storing recent files, quick notes, and clipboard information. You need to swipe from the top of the screen through the center to launch the app. Now, it also enables users to select a light or dark theme. Files and notes can sync on all smart devices automatically via Dropbox.


Whatever be your desire, a Mac app for a better interface, productivity, photo and video editing, entertainment, weight loss, or security and storage; there are plenty of Mac compatible apps that you can choose from, including an app that is used to reset lost Mac passwords.


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