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Ninja Heroes Mod APK Download Latest Version – If you have become a fan of original anime, Ninja Heroes Mod APK Download Latest Version [Hack+MOD] link is what you need to continue enjoying.  Ninja Heroes, or Ninja Heroes Reborn, is a Naruto-themed action role-playing game (RPG) developed by RedGame Studio for Android mobile devices.

In this game, you will discover the real world of ninjas and go on an exciting adventure by learning various Jutsu, leveling up your ninja character, and ultimately becoming one of the Ninjas. Games Like GTA

It is, however, difficult to become the greatest ninja. To obtain the title of the tough ninja, you must compete against other real players from all around the world in a massively multiplayer battle.

You may construct your own toughest ninja village by competing in the epic online fight and winning the confrontation. There are hundreds of unexpected tactics, mods, and millions of methods to turn the battle in your favor that make it even more lifelike than ever. Game Like ROBLOX

You’ll need to complete all of these training and fights to ensure that you are fully prepared for history’s largest Ninja war and become a legend of Ninja Heroes.Ninja Heroes Mod APK


Ninja Heroes Mod APK Download

Name Ninja Heroes
Developer RedGame Studio
Category Game
Size 48.9 MB
Package name com.redgame.nh
Version 1.7.4
Price Free
Release 15 – 05 – 2019
Availability WorldWide
Safety Safe
Language English
Minimum Requirements Android 2.2+,
Connectivity to the Internet.

Ninja Heroes Mod APK Latest Version Features

Ninja Heroes is a thrilling action game with a lot of interesting characteristics. The following are some of the most noteworthy features of Ninja Heroes MOD Latest Version for Android phones:

  • Play the game by using several strategies to obtain over 100 unique Ninjas.
  • There are more than a hundred supernatural skills, or Jutsu, that your Ninja will use during the fight, such as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Dojutsu, Senjutsu, and Genjutsu.
  • To acquire the extraordinary abilities of a tailed beast and eventually turn your normal Ninja into the most powerful, you must combat and vanquish Jinchuriki.
  • To become the greatest Ninja of all time, you may play in the PvP (Player versus Player) gaming mode area to compete against a random person from anywhere in the world.
  • There is a lot to do in the game, including raising your Ninja and training him to help you level up, participate in Senior Ninja Trial, explore the Ninja world, and so on.

Ninja Heroes Mod APK Gameplay

The Ninja Heroes app for Android employs a basic combat system that allows players to quickly grasp the attacking and battling techniques. You start with a few heroes. After that, you must progress to unlock additional ninja characters. There are over a hundred different ninja figures to collect.

Players can improve their attacking skills by training their ninja characters, which can help them compete and win matches against higher-level players.

You’ll be able to construct your very own perfect and powerful ninja lineup that can beat your opponent’s team once you have several ninjas on your crew.

Tips and Tricks to Easily Get Ninja S in Ninja Heroes

  • When you’re playing Ninja Heroes, you may feel like spending real money on the in-app purchases to unlock ninjas and get Ninja S or Ninja SS fast.
  • To save your hard-earned money, we’ve put up some pointers and methods that will allow you to easily gather all of those outstanding and high-level heroes, including the Class-S Ninja.
  • When attacking your opponent’s territory, you should start by razing all the structures and then the ninjas.
  • Try to learn anything you can about the Ninja in the surrounding area since he might be able to lead you to the manifestation of a Ninja S or a Class-S Ninja in the village.
  • To capture Ninja SS, you’ll need a ninja with advanced capturing capabilities, so start looking for one that can handle complex captures like Class-B ninjas.

Ninja Heroes Mod APK Download Latest Version: Get it from here.

How to Download / Install Ninja Heroes Latest Version

  • First of all delete any previously existing APK or original file of Ninja Heroes MOD APK.
  • Just click on given link to direct download Ninja Heroes MOD APK latest version
  • After download Ninja Heroes MOD APK from the link click to install
  • You Need to Turn on “Unknown Source” option to install the APK file OR Tap on Setting > Security > Unknown Source > Enable it.


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