Call Tracking – 6 Notorious Call Tracking Myths Debunked


Call Tracking – There are a lot of call tracking myths and misconceptions in the business marketplace. Some business owners believe that call tracking is too complicated or only for huge companies with expansive marketing departments. None of these things are true!

Call tracking allows you to gather information about your customers, such as where they are calling from, what keywords they searched for before calling your company, and the reason for the call.

Call tracking is a technology that enables marketers to track customer interactions with their companies. A call tracking software logs and monitors the details about those interactions, providing insights into the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

For marketers, finding out what their customers want is not always easy. Competition in this market is high, and it cannot be noticeable.

Despite the truth being out there, the rumors of call tracking myths overshadow the truth, confusing businesses owners whether to implement call tracking solutions alongside their cloud-based phone systems or not.

We will debunk the myths about call tracking so you can see the real value of call tracking solutions if you believe in call tracking myths. Without further delay, let’s learn about call tracking and debunk the six call tracking myths.6 notorious call tracking myths debunked


What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the measurement and analysis of phone calls from a business to understand the return on investment (ROI) from marketing efforts, advertising campaigns, or publicity events. Call tracking software is a call recording system that records phone calls coming into your business.

Call tracking provides marketers with information about what people are doing, how they interact with it, whether they are abandoning any part of it before buying anything, and more.

With this information, companies can make adjustments to ensure that they’re fulfilling customer needs better than competitors and retaining customers who may otherwise go elsewhere.

This section will discuss how call tracking can help businesses grow their ROI by providing insightful data that helps with marketing efforts and advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Call Tracking

Marketers can benefit greatly from call tracking. It provides them with insights into their audience and how they interact with the call to action.

In today’s world, companies are trying to get as much data from their customers as possible, and call tracking has become a vital marketing tool.

It is also used for measuring the success of marketing campaigns, making advertising more cost-effective and more targeted, among other benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits of call tracking below:

  • Call tracking enables you to immediately forward a call to the correct employee.
  • It allows you to generate reports with detailed information about callers, call lengths, number of calls, and more.
  • You can also use call tracking to record incoming calls. This can provide you with extremely useful information. You can learn what kinds of issues many of your customers have or what products they prefer.
  • Call tracking software allows you to generate reports with detailed information about callers, call lengths, number of calls, and more.

How does it work?

Call tracking is a feature that helps internet marketers track the effectiveness of their online ads.

The caller’s number and the call’s time are logged when a call is made from an ad with call tracking enabled to gain insight into which ads are most effective.

The process starts with a user who wants to track calls from their online campaign, click on an ad, and generate a link.

The link will be formatted to direct someone’s phone directly to a specified number when it is clicked on.

Whenever someone clicks on your link or visits your site, you can use analytics software to log the time they visit, what webpages they visit while they’re on your site, and whether or not they called you.

Popular Myths about Call tracking

There are many points of view on anything; some of us have positive points of view while others have negative points of view. But what if the following myths are false, and we continue to believe them? Let’s debunk the following myth and examine the positive aspects.

Call tracking is a system that can help you identify which marketing or sales campaigns are bringing in the most leads.

This way, you can pinpoint the best marketing and sales strategies to invest in. This makes it easier to close more deals and generate more revenue.

When it comes to call tracking, several misconceptions are going around. The first is that call tracking will mislead you into thinking all your calls come from marketing campaigns.

Some of them could be from existing customers or cold calling for new leads – both of these are also important customer acquisition strategies!

Does call tracking seem to be the subject of so many myths? Many of them originate from a misunderstanding of best practices, so let’s bust a few of them!

And for this blog, we’ll look at the following myths:

Myth 1: It Isn’t Beneficial

It’s not true! And what a huge myth!! There is a huge myth that calls tracking isn’t beneficial, but it is wrong; it provides you with several benefits. Such as it improves costumes experiences and integrates marketing experience.

Call tracking is an industry best practice and a tool used as part of your digital marketing strategy.

You can listen in on calls and determine what kind of calls are coming. Finally, this will allow you to improve your strategy in the future!

Some of our clients also use call tracking as a training tool to improve internal processes. For example, if the phone rings too long before the voicemail picks up, you can see when customers are hanging up.

Myth 2: I’ll have to modify my numbers.

What a huge myth! You will not have to change your existing phone numbers, but you will receive new numbers for your marketing activities when you implement call tracking.

This makes it simple to determine which of your numbers are being used for marketing campaigns, which are working, and which are not.

As many numbers as you want can be added, and all will route to your existing line without requiring any hardware modifications.

Myth 3: It isn’t easy to set up

This is not correct. It is not difficult to install call tracking. It should be as simple as adding a provided snippet of code.

Using call tracking software, you don’t need to set up additional equipment to measure the success of your marketing.

The software will begin collecting extremely useful data as soon as the code is installed and your set of unique phone numbers is applied to your marketing channels.

Print a unique number on your newspaper, magazine, leaflet or billboard advertisement to track offline marketing. Simple as that!

Myth 4: Call tracking impacts negatively on your SEO.

While this was truer many years ago than now, call tracking can help your SEO efforts, especially when used correctly. SEO tactics are constantly evolving, and call tracking is no exception.

Call tracking enables you to understand your customers’ journeys to your landing page and provides insights into the keywords that convert leads. It can also be useful in A/B testing.

The entire customer journey can be tracked from online to offline with dynamic number insertion, requiring only one line of code to be installed.

Myth 5: It Is Expensive

A complete and effective call tracking solution must cost thousands of dollars per month, right? In reality, this is quite the opposite. Call tracking software is extremely cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

In the call tracking solution, you can just use a few of the features in it andpay for it accordingly. You are not required to pay for any of our system’s features if you do not wish to use them.

Additionally, there are no setup or maintenance fees. Once your system is installed, you will only be charged for the services you signed up for – nothing else.

Average pricing of call tracking software: $ 45 and goes up to a range 145$ with many more extensive features.

Myth 6: It is a brand-new technology

You might be right or wrong depending on your definition of old or new, but call tracking has existed for a long time. People think it’s a new technology and can’t be trusted, but it is a myth that it is a new technology invented in 1991 by yours truly, CallSource.

As with any useful technology, other companies have developed their call tracking software in the last 5-10 years, which may explain why it appears to be a “newer” technology.


There are numerous rumors about call tracking on the market, but I hope you can determine what is correct and incorrect by looking at the topics mentioned above. The above mentioned are a few of the most common myths circulating in today’s market.

The misconceptions are not dangerous, but they harm the reputation of the call tracking software. This eventually undermines its credibility in the eyes of the public.

As a result, the important thing for any call tracking software is to dispel every myth and demonstrate the benefits of call tracking software for their business.

Finally, some people think that call tracking only exists for marketing purposes and isn’t beneficial for other industries such as healthcare or finance. The truth is, this technology has many uses and can be very helpful for all sorts of companies.

Even though these myths might sound convincing at first glance, it isn’t. There are many myths about call tracking, but in the end, it’s a very useful tool that your company should be using!


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