What Is a Private Proxy & Why Use It


If you are wondering why you should use a private proxy, you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about them.

Proxies are intermediaries between the internet and internet users. They allow for a faster, more stable, more reliable, and much safer connection and many internet users prefer to browse the internet while using one.

However, many users still aren’t sure whether or not to use a proxy. They either don’t understand how it works or all the possibilities that come with it. This guide will clear up any misconceptions and help you learn why a private proxy is an excellent choice.what is proxy

Proxies Explained

Proxies can provide a stable internet connection and allow users to remain anonymous, browse the internet safely, and have a faster connection. However, some are much better than others.

Public proxies allow multiple connections at the same time. However, they are often slow due to all the connected users.

Others that allow a single connection are much safer and more reliable. They can provide all the benefits above, so they are a better alternative.

What are Private Proxies?

Private or dedicated proxies are server applications that allow only one user at any given time. They aren’t available to everyone, and every private proxy user has their unique proxy IP address, which enables long-term usage.

These apps provide a stable, safe, and secure internet connection, which is why they are worth every dime. We highly recommend using a private proxy for additional safety and better browsing if you can afford one. Click here to read more about private proxies and various usage options.

Benefits of private proxies

These proxies offer several benefits that make them stand out from the rest. Read on to learn more about them.

Easier management (maintenance)

If you use a private proxy for business purposes, you can manage and maintain it manually or with a proxy management tool.

The former couldn’t be more straightforward. To set up a proxy server on Windows 10, for example, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy. In the “Manual proxy setup” tab, toggle the “Use a proxy server” switch to turn on the proxy. Type in the IP address and proxy port number, and save the settings.

Stable Connections

Since you are the only one using the proxy, you won’t encounter any lag or jitter like you would with any of its public counterparts. The connection is private, and only you have access to your proxy. Thus, the internet connection will be stable by default.

More Affordable

Dedicated proxies are not as expensive as many people think. Naturally, you are expected to pay for the service, but it’s worth it.

Dedicated proxies are not as expensive as many people think. They are more affordable than many other proxies. They may not be free, but paying for the service is worth it.

Since they get the job done more reliably than public (free) proxy servers, you could say they are more cost-effective. A potential data loss could cost you much more if you rely on standard, free proxies.

Reliable Speeds

Connection speed is one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing between private and other proxies. Using a dedicated server means no lag, latency, jitter, or connectivity problems because you are the only connection. No one else is bogging it down.

Dedicated Access

If you purchase or lease a private proxy, you’ll receive dedicated access. As you know by now, you won’t share it with anyone else. That might be the best advantage a private proxy has over any other intermediary server.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer via the internet. The higher the bandwidth, the more data you can transfer or receive from the internet per second.

Every private proxy comes with unique bandwidth values and, since you won’t share yours with anyone, you’ll enjoy undivided speed and connection. That goes for download, upload, and browsing speeds.

Why these proxies are better for advanced users

Casual internet users typically prefer public proxies since they don’t mind slower browsing speeds. Many even don’t care much about privacy and data security.

Advanced users typically spend a lot of time online. Many work remotely and need a stable internet connection, undivided speed, and high data security. They need the quality and reliability that dedicated proxies offer, so they’ll always pick them over other options.


Private proxies are much better than regular public proxies because of a single most important reason – you’ll not be sharing it with anyone.

That means that you will not encounter any lag, latency, or jitter, and you’ll be able to browse the internet in a much safer, faster, and more secure way. That’s why you should always opt for private proxy options, available at affordable prices.


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