Top 10 Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks In 2022


Best torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks:– Torrents are a great help to get what you need. Even with geo-restrictions implemented, millions of users are able to download tins of files every day. The good news is, it’s all for free.

So, for those with a knack for reading, ebooks are the 21st –century format of traditional books. These ebooks are as important as the traditional ones helping you gather powerful knowledge whenever and wherever you like. Today is the day to highlight the Top 10 Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks that you need to remember.


List of Best Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

Lock and load and roll down the page to see which Torrent sites for ebooks are up and download your favorite ebooks online. These sites listed below are tested and verified. But first, it’s equally important to use a VPN service as in most countries, Torrents sites are banned due to legal issues.


wiki books

Wikibooks is the universal platform where you can access online books on almost every topic. This ebook torrenting site is also available in English, Deutsch, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, and five other languages.

Vaguely known for its massive ebooks database, Wikibooks has an intuitive user interface that makes searching and browsing books categories simple. Just type in the book title or author name, and the results will reach you within seconds.

Library Genesis


Libgen or Library Genesis is a single site accessible even without a VPN (well, from some regions only). For countries with restrictions, you’ll need a VPN, of course. You may find hundreds of active torrents links updated every month in the downloads section.

Lookup for your favorite books by searching with Title, Authors, series, publisher, or the year of release. It’s an open-source project that doesn’t ask for any payments. However, they accept bitcoins as donations. If you are looking for college books, libgen is should come as first on your mind.

The Pirate Bay | Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

Featuring category-wise content, their magnet links, and peer-to-peer strength, The Pirate Bay offers you a pool of easily accessible ebooks from different sources. This torrenting site is where you’ll have a handful of expensive software applications too.

Since most of the content listed here is verified, finding your favorite ebooks online won’t be a hard nut to crack at this user-friendly torrenting site. Like many other torrent sites for ebooks, this site may be blocked in your region; you better take care of that using a perfect VPN tool before paying a visit.

Book-Share | Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

Book-share has everything you need in its name. This site is a dedicated portal for eBooks torrenting that presents you with a description of every book and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As of now, some countries have blocked its access.

Book-share organizes books category-wise in almost every subject, whether it’s Science & Technology, Humor, Fiction, non-fiction, or specific to literature. Its clean and sophisticated interface is there for your further assistance. And, when it’s free to try, it’s worth a try.

Torrent9 | Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks

It’s a finely developed Torrent site for eBooks that you’ll keep visiting over and again. Apart from unique eBooks categories, you can also access the latest stuff in Movies, TV Series, Games, and software.

If you hail from countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, UK, or Morocco, sorry, you’ll need an extra hand from VPN service. Otherwise, this site is easy to access from elsewhere. Torrent9 lets you queue only the verified torrents, which ensures that downloading is 100 % guaranteed.


Seedpeer goes to an advanced level of filtering and finding your search results faster than other torrent sites. It’s an over 10-years old torrent site that’s still in the business of providing you healthy and unbroken links to movies, TV shows, games, music, audiobooks, and lastly, eBooks.

Erstwhile known as Meganova, Seedpeer keeps its name up to the mark by providing all verified content via the healthiest magnet links and reliable peers. As of downloading eBooks, you can view each book’s description in terms of size and upload time, including the author’s details and publishers’ information.


book yards

Book-Yards stands out the list of Top 10 EBook Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks with huge 7k+ eBooks and audiobooks database. You don’t need to pay anything to get access to these books except for data. Download as many as you want; there is no limit to that either.

You’ll find that each book is well-organized at Book-yards, and you can sift through every category to find your favorite read. Fiction, Religion, Arts, Spirituality, Parenting, Memoirs, or Business; you name it and get it. eBooks available here can be opened in a PDF format. Make sure you have an Adobe Acrobat reader before you download one of the finest pieces from Book-Yards.


free ebook spot

As the list nears its end, I present to you the final contender in the Top 10 EBook Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks. FBS is your ultimate stop to access unlimited eBooks in over 90 categories. Specializing in educational topics, FreeBookSpot is your final deal to crack your college exams.

This place is a hub to discover study material on engineering, medical sciences, computer programming, and much more. The site doesn’t even bother you to register or signup unnecessarily. The registration only requires a couple of steps, and you are ready to go.

Go, make a Choice:

There is a magic wand in your hands with access to immense knowledge with which you can enlighten the world. That’s what these Top eBooks Torrent Sites to Download Free EBooks are all about. How do these sites match up to your expectations? Do let me know through your comments.

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