Top 10 Best Sites to Download Free eBooks Legally In 2022


Best Sites to Download Free eBooks Legally:- Back when I was a student, I had the craze of collecting e-books so I could read them whenever I had time. But that time, there were limited websites that offered free e-books download.

There are more users out there like me always browsing for some of the best platforms to download e-books. So, I have brought these Top Websites to Download Free EBooks. Because now you have countless options for your love of reading.


Havens for e-book lovers

Reading is the most effective and productive way to cultivate learning habits, and to kids, it’s a great way to memorize too. Reading not only adds to your knowledge but also turns your mind into more creative. So there are many good reasons to choose to read a book rather than playing games or watching Netflix.

Best Sites to Download Free EBooks Legally

You can find hundreds of e-books for free on Google Books, but that’s only in a read-only version. Let’s divulge some trusted platforms where you can download e-books without any restrictions on any topic and genre. Free Pdf books are easy to find now.

Snewd- New E-books Everyday

Download Free EBooks

Welcome to the world’s best open source project for ebooks where you’ll get high-quality free ebooks after they are sourced from multiple platforms and get converted into downloadable formats.  All the ebooks are available in the public domain so you can download them whenever you want from wherever you are. Just make sure to go through your country’s copyright laws once.

Snewd project is operated by a team of experts to handle PDF, EPUB, AZW3 and MOBI file formats and making the ebooks readily accessible. The books you find on this mobile-friendly website work on almost any device. This is where you won’t have to worry about books’ prices. All of the reading material is high-quality, and you’re going to love this site.

Project Gutenberg– Site to Download 60000+ Ebooks

best ebook sites

Project Gutenberg is another excellent website to download free ebooks legally. This project is your online library for free ebooks. One of the impressive things I liked about this site is you’ll find everything organized here. Launched by a team of volunteers and fundraisers, Project Gutenberg is the first provider of free eBooks.

You’ll find eBooks related to every content with most of its library consisting of public domain titles. Search for a particular title, domain, or other stuff. You can avail and download free ebooks in HTML, EPUB, or MOBI Formats.  All the stuff you need is easily searchable in different categories.

Overdrive | Best Site to Download Free Ebook


Overdrive is one of the best free ebook download sites without registration, where finding audiobooks is also easy. Browse by category or by name, and Overdrive is the only place you’d ever want to be when it comes to finding your favorite eBooks and magazines.

This site also offers a student reading app named Sora that lets you search and read top-featured books from the weekly updated collections. If you are interested in finding New York Times Bestsellers, Overdrive is your ultimate place to access millions of eBooks for free. This website is accessible to worldwide users, provided they have a valid library card.

BookBoon | Free eBooks Download Site


Explore over 75 million eBooks in the academic and business categories to excel in your life. Bookboon is one of the largest Ebook publishers globally and is counted as the best ebook provider that is too high quality. You’ll find the world’s famous authors here where each of their work is peer-reviewed and checked by the California State University.

It’s an incredibly easy-to-use platform where you’ll find the widest range of academic and business eBooks.  The best part is, if you are a student, nothing can stop you from accessing these books for free.

You can download exclusively written books by University Professors from Bookboon. This website is simple to work on and gets you low-cost education material on the go. If you need eBooks for business, you’ll have to have a paid subscription after the first 30-days.

Library Genesis


Libgen is an entire hub for eBooks Downloads and uploads for online readers. Finding scientific and non-scientific books is what you can do here within seconds. The website has a database of around 3-5 million eBooks categorized into different sections, namely, Fiction, Comics, Magazines, and science. With Library Genesis on your screen, there is one thing for sure; you’ll take a while sifting through a vast repository of online books.

If you are looking for torrents links for the latest ebooks, you’ll find it here too. Whatever genre you are interested in, you’ll find it here. There is a little doubt about its legality, though. Libgen has been reported for hosting pirated copies; the good part is, it’s still accessible to the public across the web, and the site remains away from accusations and claims.

DigiLibraries | Free eBooks Download Site

digilibraries is a free online service for readers with a vast array of book types. This website is where the library gets expanded all the time. There is a categories section on the homepage where you can easily spot books of your genre.

You can download these eBooks in different formats such as PDF, ePUB, and Mobi. Digilibraries is surely the only place you can enjoy hanging out with your favorite genre. Accessing every quality book is free of cost, with no hidden charges or subscription fees—DigiLibraries mobile-friendly as you can enjoy eBook downloads for Kindle, Nook, iPhone, and Android devices.

ManyBooks | Free eBooks Download Site


ManyBooks is an interactive site where you’ll find novels and stories picked by editors. With over 50000+ eBooks in high quality, many of these books contain classic literature or fiction. So, if you are into classics, do visit ManyBooks and download your one.

The number of books still seem surprising as it’s already been 16 since this site came into existence. The library is expected to be expanded in the coming years with many different works of fiction. You can have eBooks in different formats, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.

Feedbooks | Free eBooks Download Site


Feedbooks feeds you with both fiction and non-fiction books, and most of them are downloadable for free. If you find it difficult to search your favorite one through the lists, look for categories that make it easiest to give you a friendly experience.

This site offers around 1 million eBooks books from both popular and self-published authors. Feedbooks library has majorly short stories, which are original fanfiction. This website makes your reading more interesting as you get to know the length of each book and how long you’ll take to finish it. Like other websites, this site also supports the commonly used eBooks formats.


free ebooks

Search for free ebooks, and this site’s name will come up in the browser search. You’ll get thousands of free books in multiple categories such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Self-Help, and Business. Free-Ebooks allows you to enjoy ebook-reading from wherever you are whenever you like.

Join the club of free members and read thousands of ebooks on the go. You can download and read up to 5 books in a month without paying. This website lets you download ebooks legally in PDF or TXT formats only. If you don’t know how to search for a book, type the book title or author’s name in the search box.



The website is designed particularly for the love of reading with easy navigation throughout. PDFBooksworld is the only place where the font style, size, and Table of Content matters for professional PDF creators.

This mobile-friendly website contains the menu bar on the top of it displaying Books, Genres, and author pages so you can quickly do the searching. This site uploads PDF Books on many different subjects for readers of all ages, including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, and Children’s writings. This site is where the developers have kept the electronic book reading pretty much professional.

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