Truecaller Phone Number Search Online Free – How to Check?


Truecaller is one of the popular caller ID apps for Android as well as iOS. Report says, Truecaller has a huge database of mobile numbers and names of phone users around the world. Maximum phone user have truecaller phone number search online free to check caller details.

In recent few years, Truecaller has upgraded itself a lot to provide top notch service to their users. So, there many user searching for tutorials on truecaller like – Truecaller Phone Number Search Online Free, how to change name on truecaller etc.

As a tech geek, it is our duty to provide you the correct information regarding Truecaller online search phone number by name, truecaller phone number search online free, change name on truecaller etc. so, you should read the tutorial carefully.Truecaller Phone Number Search Online Free


How to Search Phone Number Truecaller Online Free

  • Log on to Truecaller official website i.e.
  • On home pagee, you will see “PHONE NUMBER BOX”
  • Here Enter Your Mobile Number and Tap on search Box
  • You will as to login using your Gmail OR Microsoft Account (if not login already)
  • After login it will check your record in Truecaller database
  • After successfully verification you will get Detailed information of Number

 Truecaller Online Phone Number Search by Name

As we discuss, Truecaller has a very huge mobile number details database and logos. It is only through this that Truecaller shows us its details through the number and name of any mobile number. So, you can also check Truecaller Online Phone Number Search by Name. Let’s check how…

  • Download and installed Truecaller App in your Smartphone
  • Login with your mobile number in Truecaller
  • Now, you will see a search box on top on the screen
  • You can put any name and you want to search
  • The app will show you the details of desired name

Note – Truecaller shows only those numbers OR name details which are in your contact list OR call log.

Change Truecaller Wrong Name

Some time you seen wrong name of any truecaller phone number and want to change the name to write name and caller details. You can change truecaller wrong name by following steps.change name of truecaller

  • Open Truecaller app in your phone and open the app menu
  • Click on Edit profile link
  • Click on Edit (a Pencil icon) opposite of the name

Now, Enter your first name and last name as you want to appear in Truecaller database, that’s it


Can I Search a Number on Truecaller?

Yes you can search Easily any number on Truecaller App and website

How can I get details of any number?

Just put the number in search box and get the caller details of any number.

Can I use Truecaller without Number?

No, you cannot use truecaller without number, because truecaller cannot work without signin with any mobile number

Can Someone Know if I Search them on Truecaller?

Yes, he can get notification when you search them on truecaller, but it is paid service means if he is not using truecaller paid service. So, he can't know that you have searched him.



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