10 Best iOS emulator for PC to Run iPhone Apps in Windows


Best iOS emulator for PC In 2022 to Run iPhone Apps in Windows PC – Apple and Microsoft are like two brothers with different lives, literally. The iOS and Windows OS are hard to match and difficult to find compatible with each other. Thanks to the iOS emulator for Windows PC that allows you to run any iOS app on Windows PC now, which seemed quite unimaginable a few years ago. Now, you can think of not buying a Mac PC to run iPhone apps. PSP Emulator for Android

iOS emulator for Windows OS lets you migrate your iOS applications to Microsoft Windows 7-10 easily. On the plus side, you don’t have to authenticate yourself on iTunes every time. You got the first answer? Now comes the second challenge, and that’s selecting the best emulator app to get your job done. Let’s have a look at the 10 Best iOS emulator for PC, shall we? SNES Emulator for PC, MAC, Android


Let’s shed some light on Emulator First

You need an OS to run applications, but when you have different Operating systems, emulator steps in as the mediator to imitate one OS and launch the app on another. An iOS emulator similarly prepares an environment and installs the iOS on your Windows PC to run iPhone or iPad apps on it. Besides running different iOS Apps, an emulator is also used to test certain apps (used by developers mostly). iPhone Video Downloader

Best iPhone Emulator for PC In 2022

You can find more emulators than you expect but choosing the right ones serving your purpose is the key. Well, it depends on what you want to do basically; whether to test the apps you build or to play iOS games on your Windows PC. Here are the best ones I found suitable for you. iPhone Download Manager

Smartface | iPhone Emulator for PC

smartface emulator to run ios apps in windows

Yup, Smart users need a smart app that can imitate everything going on the iOS device and bring it crystal clear to their Windows-based desktop/laptops. Designed especially for testing Apps, Smartface is the most secure iOS emulator for Windows PC with some handsome features.

C or Java programming can be cumbersome when an issue of migrating from one OS to another can pop-up any second. This is where you might need a powerful tool such as Smartface slips into the role.

This emulator is one of the best third-party cross platforms mobile development programs you can find on the iOS App Store. You’ll need your iTunes account on Windows 10 or any other version to be able to run Smartface.

Smartface also provide in browser mobile device emulator and simulator. Means your can run android and iOS apps in your windows browser very easily.


iOS emulator for PC

iPadian takes the second spot on the list of iOS emulator for Windows as it holds similar features to the former. Offering a neat and crisp iPad-like interface to users, iPadian has its own store to offer users. That said, you would find a planet of apps that can run on Windows PC.

You can head to the official website of iPadian, to find the most popular apps, including a wide array of third-party apps. It is also renowned as one of the best iOS emulators for Windows 7, providing a great platform to play multitudes of games and other developer apps flawlessly.

This emulator is available in both free and paid versions. This iOS app emulator’s specialty is it does not create a local version of the iOS on your device. It imitates the appearance, design, and basic features of an Apple device (simulating) rather than recreating the iPhone or iPad’s features and actions.

AIR iPhone | iPhone Emulator for PC

air iphone

AIR iPhone is another emulator app that redefines your iPhone’s interface on Windows 10 and previous versions. However, you’ll require an AIR framework to be able to make it work on your Windows-based OS. Proving to be a good option for developers, AIR iPhone’s essential purpose is to imitate the iPhone’s GUI.

Many developers use it for beta testing before the actual version of an app goes live. But you need to keep an eye on the system requirements before installing the AIR iPhone emulator. It’s capable of running most apps on iOS except the ones that are native such as Safari Web Browser. But that’s still worth a take cause it’s a free application to get your job done.

MobiOne | iOS Emulator for Windows PC

MobiOne comes next in the race of the Best iOS emulator for PC for game developers as well as general users. Most users use it for same reason as it is built for, Beta testing their applications. It’s a user-friendly emulator using which you can build both iOS and Android Apps and test run them before uploading them.

MobiOne renders pure and true emulation experience that too, without any cost. Of course, you can try it for specific while evaluating whether it fits your requirements or not. You can get to know a lot more in a trial period, and if it doesn’t seem to fulfil your needs, you might as well proceed to the next contender.

iMame | iPhone Emulator for PC

What makes iMame unique is its specificity with Arcade Gaming. It is one of the top-class iOS emulator for Windows that runs effortlessly. iMame includes a vast range of most popular arcade games that you can run on your Windows PC without any hassles.

If you are more into classic games. It’s got loads of classic games you can try on your Windows PC. You can trust this tool as its secure and takes up the least of your system resources and power. Like I said before, it’s a perfect fit for gamers.


Appetize is crafted explicitly for iPhone X users and is often cited as one of the best iPhone emulator for PC offering the developers valuable support. It’s free for a limited time period that I believe is enough to judge whether to go for its paid version or not.

It’s supported by both iOS and Android OS and comes without IDE that means less stress on your system memory with a smooth transition. Appetize.io is one of the preferred choices for App developers, gamers, and enterprises. The only problem that bothers me is its support to only Native iOS apps.

Citra-Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo is enough to raise your attention to this iPhone emulator for Windows, which comes as a blessing for gamers. If gaming is your only motive behind this rigorous search for an iOS emulator, Viola! Nintendo 3DS Emulator is just the right choice to make today.

Top-notch graphics, multiple view-angles, and lots of other extensive features force me to put it on the list of best iPhone emulator for Windows for game-nerds. The plus side is, you can have this emulator for Android and Windows as well. It’s a fully-fledged features gaming console emulator that goes along with a wide range of iOS games with interactive interface.


Ripple is a free iOS emulator for PC that you can easily access from the Google Web store. The best parts are it’s a browser-based emulator that lightest of all the ones I mentioned before. With a simple user-interface, you can test run your apps, including HTML5 applications.

It’s a multiplatform mobile emulator that gives you the freedom to emulate iOS apps via a browser extension. Don’t be disguised by its small size; small things do come with the greatest surprises.

Electric Mobile Studio

If your streak of searching for Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC hasn’t ended yet, try Electric Mobile Studio iPad simulator with impressive advanced-level features. EMC is one of the powerful tools used by thousands of professionals.

EMC comes in two versions, free (7-day trial version) and a premium one. The free trial lets you take the full feature set for a test-drive. On the other hand, the premium version grants you 2 transferable, concurrent activations to use the product on two computers to support standard home/work and laptop/desktop scenarios.

Xamarin Test Flight

Here comes the final one straight from Apple with an extensive set of features to test and run your Apple Apps on Windows OS. TestFlight is an Apple-owned beta testing service built for iOS apps, and you can access it only through iTunes Connect.

As of now, Xamarin TestFlight is available for iOS 8.0 apps and above, allowing testing with both internal and external users.

Some users still may find it a little complicated getting used to it, but once you know how to workaround with this tool, I am sure things would go buttery smooth.

Summarizing Words

Most iOS Emulators for PC you’d find are straightforward and have less clogged UI. While some you may find pretty difficult to get through. While these emulators are more in the search by developers, if you want to try one for gaming purposes, a few serve you nicely. How did you like these iOS emulators and simulators? Do share your opinions via the comments section.

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