How To Create Free .EDU Email Address- 100% Working Method


Free .EDU Email Address | Free Edu Email – Being a student comes with lots of perks if you are wondering. Those who are aware, they know how having an .edu Email Address can be beneficial in many ways. If you are also one of those looking for an answer to How can I get a free .edu email Address, reading this article would be pretty much elucidating.

If you have had a [dot].edu mail address previously, it’s time to think whether it’s still accessible or not. If not, let’s dive into the following segments and find out how you can create one.

Many leading websites offer cool stuff students considering their educational needs. The only criteria to be eligible for a .edu email address is to be a legit student. This could be a problem for many individuals since this type of email address can only be accessed by people actually enrolled in the College/University or persons must be employed there. If you are a non-enrolled student and still want to get free .edu email address, mind considering the tricks brought to you in the following segments.

how to get Free .EDU Email Address


What is free.EDU Email Address?

No questions what a .edu email address signifies, it represents you as an individual associated with a college or university. You can have this email Id in two cases, either you are a student/teacher or an employee of this institution. Educational institutions across the USA are using domains like this.

Once you register at college in a programme, you are also provided with facilities to excel at learning getting maximum support to in terms of virtual learning aid. This is where your free .edu email address comes handy. This space you have is your personal one where you get counts of useful tools and resources that are helpful to you in many ways.

Who can Have .edu email Address?

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Non-teaching staff at college/University   

Ironically, many students are still not able to entertain the benefits of .edu email address. This happens either due to lack of attention, or they are not familiar with the Benefits of Free .EDU Email Address. Let’s have a look at some notable features and benefits of having an .EDU email address.

What are the Benefits of a free .EDU Email Address?

Once you create free .Edu Email Address, you can avail counts of perks. What seems complicated is to create an account. However, there are creative ways to get you on board with free .EDU email address even if you are not a student of a particular institution. Several companies like Amazon, Apple, Dell, and Dropbox give huge discounts on products and services

There are a vast number of benefits associated with free .edu email address you create. As said, creating free .EDU Email Address is in no way a simple task; creating .EDU Email address is way complicated than creating a Gmail account. There are some standard procedures to follow for sure including some tricky ones, if you are willing to know How can I get a free .edu email address, please proceed further.

Features of .Edu Email Address

  • Discount Offers on Products
  • Free Trials
  • Extended Support
  • Free Developer Pack
  • Discount on study-related sources
  • Free access to Apps and Services

Amazon Prime Benefits | Free edu Email

You may not know this benefit of having .EDU Email address like others, But Amazon Prime (US only) gets you a free 6-month trial for students registered with Free .edu email address. This trial is basically 30 days for general subscribers.  Once you complete this trial, you automatically become eligible to leverage Amazon Prime Student Discount up to 50%.

Furthermore, this discount as long your subscription is active without letting you go through a cumbersome ID verification process. Get yourself registered at Amazon with EDU email address and your membership will be activated instantly at no cost.

GitHub Student Developer Pack | Free edu email

For students registered with free .EDU Email address, GitHub offers a range of benefits including access to its Developer Pack to the students verified using SheerID. It’s evident that if you are a teacher or a merely an owner of this email address, you won’t be able to entertain the features. Some of the GitHub tools accessible to you are, MS Azure, MongoDB, Canva, etc.

LastPass | Free edu email

For those who don’t know, LastPass is a browser extension that automatically records all the login details of your accounts. The next time you log in to any of your accounts, the password field will be filled automatically.

The key thing to note here is that this service can be availed via a paid subscription. If you sign up with free .EDU Email Address, you’ll have it on 50% flat discount for a 6-months period. This service (covering 1GB encrypted storage space) is accessible on all the supported devices.

Autodesk Software

Free .EDU email address is more fruitful for students enrolled in Computer Science and IT programmes. Autodesk is a software popularly used for Computer-Aided Design application AutoCAD. For learners enrolled in Architecture and Engineering, Autodesk is an excellent tool for practicing 2D and 3D drawing. Let’s come to the point now; obtaining a free license to Autodesk is easy for students having .EDU Email Address.

SiteGround- For Web Hosting

If you have undertaken a website project for college assignments, you can leverage from SiteGround, which offers a discount to students having free .edu email address.  SiteGround is known as one of the best hosting providers, which discounts the pricing at just $2/month.

The company’s standard hosting program includes several other services at lowest prices. Few of the benefits include 2GB storage, free CDN, multiple versions of PHP, Free email account creation, and daily backup services.

General Motors

For students looking for a truck purchase, general motors provide assistance to the ones with a verified free .edu email address. General Motors college discount are must to look at when your concern is about investing considerably for a new set of wheels. There are some certain conditions though, being a college graduate or recent graduate (within the last years) is one of the top prerequisites.

Norton’s Handsome Discount

Internet is extremely useful for a student, and you’d have to rely on a reliable security program once in a while when connecting to a public WiFi network. Public networks are highly insecure and are an easy passage for hackers to break-in into your network.

Having a free .EDU email address means you are surely going to benefit discount on Norton security program. The standard antivirus program price shrinks to $20 for students, which is quite costly for others ($60). You can avail heavier discount on Norton 360 LifeLock plan paying $90 instead of $150.

50% Off on Skillshare Program

Lock and Load to participate in the Skillshare Student Scholarship program specifically designed for students with a valid free .EDU Email Address. For those who are unaware of what Skillshare is, it’s a platform dedicated to students who want to learn new skills and enhance their scope of learning by participating in different contests.

You can either participate in Skillshare Student Scholarship program (to avail 50% discount on Skillshare Premium membership) or Skillshare Premium Scholarship program for those who can’t afford the paid tier. There is a simple questionnaire to be a legit beneficiary where you need to be honest while answering the questions related to your financial conditions.

Discount on Apple Products and Services

Apple Inc. is all ahead in the game by providing endless support to University and college students. If you have a verified .EDU email address, you’ll be definitely eligible for many offers on Hardware and other Apple services (applicable to MacBooks, iMacs, Apple Music, web services, etc.).

You can avail discount on MacBook Pro for up to $100, $50 on iPad, and up to $199 on Apple’s Pro Apps bundle. You can save up to 50% on iDrive storage support. Apple music is free for students with the first 6 months and costs around $5 a month afterwards.   

Google Drive

If your college or university uses Google services like GSuite, chances are you can reap benefits of the unlimited storage without paying anything. Remember that Google doesn’t give away free Google Drive storage.

You need to keep in mind that having free .EDU email address is the only way to access Google’ services. The standard storage for Google One storage service comes with 15GB only. However, if you have an .Edu email address, you can have up to 30GB.

That’s not all, you’ll there is a lot to your surprise. Take a look at the following benefits of Free .EDU Email for students.

  • A 50 percent discount offer on Adobe Acrobat Cloud.
  • Discounts on Microsoft (Student) account.
  • Discounts on BestBuy.
  • Special Student discount on Spotify Premium.
  • Discounts on iTunes.
  • 6-months free subscription for Free Pass.
  • Student Advantage Card to purchase products and services from 100+ companies participating.

How to get .edu email address for free?

Even if it’s tricky, but these methods should be able to get you to the other end. Kindly note that the probability of these methods succeeding is 50-50. So, try all of them in case one doesn’t seem to work.

Rio Hondo College Trick (Method 1)

You’ll get an email address with extension. Log on to Rio Hondo College Login page and complete the registration. To do so, please go through the following steps.

  1. Sign up for Texas University Account by clicking on Create A New Account.
  2. Supply your personal information and proceed to next page.
  3. Give your college details and your account will be active within 3-4 working days once completed.

Attention: Entering your Social Security Number (SSN) is mandatory. Use a SSN Generator tool. You may also use this link to generate a temporary email.

Use Tarrant County College trick (Method 2)

Note that not all the methods listed below are guaranteed to work. The extension of your email address would look like Proceed by following these steps.

  • Use the Texas University Login
  • Follow this link to Create Your Account
  • Supply all the asked details along with a valid email id for further verification.
  • You will be redirected to your account once the signup is done.
  • Log on to your account and go to My Application.
  • Select Create a New Blank Application
  • Opt for Create 2 years College admission Application.
  • Search for the 2-Years College options. Choose entry semester and click on valid options.
  • Fill the form details very carefully and type your SSN (Use the previously given link to generate SSN).
  • That should be all, now you have successfully created your free.EDU email address. You should be notified about your email ID and password within the next 3-4 working days.

How to create Free .edu email of California Colleges (Method 3)

Step 1

Visit the account registration page on the California Colleges’ official website and mention whether you are a post-secondary school or college student. Also, select that you are an existing college student.

Step 2

Select “Find and Choose” to choose your preferred college on the list. This list holds several schools from community colleges to universities you can pick and pretend to be a part of it.

Step 3

Provide your details and select the Password, Name, etc. The account name will be your username. The system doesn’t verify whether your supplied details are real or not.

Recommended: Never use your real information.

Step 4

A pop-up message confirms that the account is created and is ready to use. You’ll be redirected to another page prompting you further about account creation if you land on this page successfully, thumbs up.

Step 5

Select My Portfolio to view your .edu email address (you can do so by locating an option on the top right corner below send and receive messages).

Step 6

It’s time to test your email address now, send a test mail and know how it works. Log on to your existing email address and send another email to your .edu email address. Go back to your newly created email address and see if you have received an email from an external email client.

Does A free.EDU Email Address really work?

Nothing can be guaranteed but you can try whether these methods still work or not. If these tricks work well, well and good otherwise, you’ll come across errors. I believe these tricks were better than nothing. If these methods are useful to you, please leave your comments in the box below.

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What is an .EDU Email Address?

The .EDU email address is reserved for educational institution, and its common for students and faculties to have one of these address in addition to a personals address. The .EDU email are issued by school, institution OR university.

Can I get Amazon Prime Free for .EDU Email Address?

Yes, if you are not already a Amazon Prime prime subscriber in the United State OR united Kingdome, you can signup for a six month free trial to Amazon prime student.

Why should I create an .Edu Email?

If you have .EDU email then you can get many free and discounted services such as Discount Offers on Products , Free Trials , Extended Support , Free Developer Pack, Discount on study-related sources, Free access to Apps and Services  and many more..

What does an .EDU email looks likes?

.EDU email address’s are same as other email but the extension is changed only. But only the extension makes a difference. Ex – you know the common email id like but in .EDU email the last words will be change .edu email likes like

Above methods are not working, What Should i do?

We have given 3 method’s to create .edu emails. You can try another if first method is not working.

Should i Buy EDU Email?

A big NO, try above methods to create .edu emails and don’t buy .edu emails from any source. Because no sellers provide genuine .edu emails.


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