10 Safe and Best ROM Sites In 2022 [100% Safe ROMs Sites]


100% Safe and Best ROMs Sites – Do you know, you still can play the video games which you used to play in your childhood and now only the memories of those games are left with you.

Shocking right? But you don’t need to be shocked, it is possible to play those games again on your latest PC. Now questions are arising in your mind that how is that possible?

from where you can get those wonderful games of yours is it even safe and many more. So, here I am to answer all of your questions.

Lets us start with the very first and important questions here.

Are ROM sites legal?

Well, it depends on the user. If you ever owned a game in that case it is legal for you but if you never owned a video game, in that case, it is illegal to download a ROM Site.

But you can still download it from some safe websites from where you can download it safely and you can use a VPN to avoid any kind of complications.

Are ROM Sites Safe?

There are sites, a lot of sites that are not safe and can lead to some problems. But don’t worry I will tell you the safest and Best ROM Sites.

Before download ROM safely from internet, keep given things in mind…

  • Never download anything from ROM website that prompt you to download any tool or software or anything. Such things are mostly mere ways to get inside your system.
  • ROMs file which you will download comes with .zip file extension.
  • Don’t click any popup or Ads showing suspicious things.
  • Don’t click on downloadable link that shows .exe file. There is a high probability that it will be a virus or malware.

10 Safe and Best ROMs sites

Check out the list of best safe ROMs games and their Console emulator software sites where you can download ROMs games safely and securely for free of cost.

ROM Hustler | Best ROMs Sitesafe Best ROMs Sites

No doubt ROM Hustler is one of the best and Safest ROMs Website. This website is one of the most famous ROM websites. It is known for its simplicity and the widest range of its library. It is the oldest one and that’s why you will find it a little older interface and a very simple one.

ROM hustler is very simple to use and so very safe. Not only do you get the greatest number of games here, but it also protects your device from PC infections and Viruses. You will get the emulators too here.

RomsPedia | Best ROMs Sitebest ROMs site

RomsPedia is another awesome ROMs site available for Android, Windows, iOS, MAC devices. This site is the most popular WOM site where you can find all the popular ROMs at one place.

RomsPedia user interface is quite simple, so that even a child will not have any problem in using it. So, lets log on and enjoy this best ROMs website.

Gamulatorsafe ROMs Sites

Gamulator is also one of the most famous websites where you will get new ROM and emulators from time to time one of the safest websites from where you can get your favorite games to play.

Gamulator ROMs site is basically known for saving those games which are almost extinct from the market. You can get here the oldest games of your choice and can play without harming your device.

Retrosticsafe Best ROMs Sites

Retrostic is also one of the most famous websites and is known for having one of the greatest libraries of ROMs. Here you will get one of the oldest games and they provide varieties of emulators.

On this website, you get a request page where you can request for the ROM you are searching for. No doubt this website is also very safe for providing you the favourite games of yours.

Cool ROMBest ROMs Sites

When it comes to COOL ROM the interface of the website is quite unpleasant or messy but they provide a large number of ROM and Emulators. They really have a wide range of emulators in the website.

For example the Gameboy, THE DS, THE Nintendo and a lot many are there. One thing which will disturb you more is the advertising on the website. They give some advertisement but no doubt of their safety.

DopeROMs | Best ROMs SiteBest ROMs Sites

So very popular website for Downloading ROM, it provides you backups, unlike the other websites. Here you will get a search bar to search your Favourite ROM.

It has so many unique features the most liked one for me is, it provides you to play your favourite games in your chosen language. Safest ROM undoubtedly. This can be a great choice of yours.

More ROMs | Best ROMs Sitesafe ROMs Sites

As mentioned in the name name itself, the website has so more ROM to provide you. You will get the various types of emulators and ROMs but it focuses on the Nintendo.

But you will get the others too. It is absolutely safe and virus protected, and wont make you suffer from any kind of device issue. Go and download the ROM of your favourite games and play without worrying about anything.

ROM’s Worldtop Best ROMs Sites

Just like the name of the website this website is also one of the most famous ones in the whole world. It has a very simple interface that a child can also use. You will get here the ROM of the oldest games of your childhood to play.

As I said earlier that I will tell you the name of the safest ones, therefore you can easily you the website to get the ROMs of your childhood games without worrying. One more thing, you won’t get annoyed by unwanted advertisements.

Easy ROMcool ROMs Sites

Easy ROM is as easy as you are thing it must be. It is really very simple and easy to use. You will always get new ROMs here time to time. They do  upload links of every new ROM and also the older ones are obviously present there.

You must try it, you will love the simplicity and the ease of using the website. And no doubt it is very safe and virus free so that you don’t have to suffer.

ROM’s Maniabest safe ROMs Sites

ROM’s Mania is also very famous and it is famous for the library of ROM’s Mania containing thousands of ROMs and Emulators. It would not disturb you with the unwanted and unpleasant advertising of all the things. Very easy to understand and use.

And is very safe so that you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your favorite games.

The Eye

When it comes to its name, the name is very strange. But that doesn’t  affects its safety. The website is completely free of all the unpleasant websites and other kinds of disturbances.

You will get a lot of emulators there and therefore you will get a lot of games also. It really has a lot of ROMs present. Go and download it without thinking much.


This is all the required information one needs to get for using a good, safe and best ROMs websites go download ROM. I hope you liked the hard work, if possible share the links with those who wants to play their childhood games like you. Go and download the ROM of your favourite games. Thank you.


Is it Legal to Download ROMs from Internet?

If you have own a mere copy of ROMs game which you are trying to download then there is no issue. There are many ways in which you can get rid of the cartridges to ROMs file using some hardware and software then It’s legal. In case of emulators, they are legal to use ROMs.

How to Download ROM?

Just log on to any Best ROMs website which is safe to download & click on download ROMs from the website.



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