How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India


Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India – There could be any reasons to search for How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India. It’s not easy to deal with annoying companies that bulk SMS you or call you anytime they please. Also, parenting comes with a whole set of challenges. You got to keep track of your loved ones’ activities too. This article is specially convened for you if you are looking to track current mobile Number location in India.

India is home to nearly 450 million mobile phone internet users, with the figures taking its toll each year. Many users still rely on non-multimedia handsets, which is almost equal to the number of their counterparts.

If you got a missed call or annoying messages from unknown numbers, that’s quite a problem in a country like India where anything scams can happen any minute. The best way is to secure yourself and trace the culprits to take necessary measures at your end.

You also have many different options on How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India. You can do it either using a mobile app or a website. You can download Mobile Number Tracking Apps for Android from Google Play Store as well as from the official websites of the tools offered as an open-source service. Explicitly, you can use similar tracking service from online portals.  Here we go.

Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India


How To Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India

There are simple and straightforward ways to track a mobile phone number using online services. And this article is a mix of such methods. In this how-to-guide, you’ll come to know about 10 best ways to trace mobile Number current location in India. Here is a look at some Android apps and authentic websites that can help you find a mobile number details such as location, operator, and state they are being used in. Read Also:- How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location

This website comes as a mobile number tracking service and allows you to track a user for free. You can also download its app on your android, install it, let it access to your phonebook, and it will give you details about the unknown caller, their current mobile carrier, signaling type (GSM/CDMA), email Id, and photo (if their account is linked to their numbers). This service runs on a vast database that collects users’ information and is used worldwide. Millions of users have it installed on their phones already.

This best website gives you knowledge on how to trace a mobile number location in India. is based in India and fetched reliable results when searching for a particular phone number on this site.

Irrespective of your location, it generates results containing the user’s mobile operator Name, Location, and the state circle. You can also use it to track the Landline number in India. It’s also a free service with which you can also trace vehicle numbers within a few seconds. is another top-ranking web service that lets you track unknown callers easily. You can use this website to track a mobile number as well as landline number.

Furthermore, it gives you accurate results on a user’s current network service provider, connection type, SIM type, and location where this number is active. This site has a simple-looking interface that is also user-friendly and takes merely seconds to generate accurate results.

Phone Tracker By Number (Android Application)

Around 50 million users highly praise this mobile App for generating accurate search results. If you are a family person, this App is probably the best tool to track your kids’ location and movement. Phone Tracker By Number app uses GPS location to track the target user’s activities.

You can add as many numbers as you want to your private network and get every little notification on the phone. You can also track your lost phone using its interactive support, which brings you all the movement details on a live Google map. This App is free to put use and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Read Also – Best Apps to Trace Mobile Number Current Location    

Free Phone Tracer is an independent website that works effectively to track a mobile number. This site uses a reverse phone lookup method to locate a phone number, network service provider, and type of signaling. Free Phone Tracer also uses McAfee for security to ensure user’s online safety offering you the ability to lookup for landline numbers.

This website provides a free service and is widely used across India. There is one most significant benefit of using this service; if you want complete details about a particular number and its owner, you can quickly get it from this website by paying a small fee of $1. is a global GPS tracking service made in India for tracing personal and business numbers online. It’s a free service available 24/7 using which you can see the phone’s location on your phone or PC. This site uses an algorithm that displays the real-time location and alerts you of a number’s past and current location.

You can also preview a phone’s history and locate your lost phone based on the information it provides you. This site also offers paid service with a 100% guaranteed accuracy. All in all, it’s the ideal GPS tracking service for family and companies. Read Also:- Best Website to Trace Mobile Number Location

Online GPS Phone Tracker

The Online GPS Phone Tracker website is one of the most reliable tools with a mountainous database of global mobile users. Sitting from anywhere in the world, you can find out details of any number in any country.

You just need to select a nation and type the user’s mobile number in the empty field. The next thing to show up will be the user’s location and their network service operator details. This site offers a free service for everyone and is up 24/7 365 days a year.

You can track any number within India using this fast and simple-to-use website. This website looks up for a mobile number and returns details on an interactive live map. You can also get info regarding location, network service provider, and state circle where the number is currently active. It’s a free service that can track CDMA and GSM connections with a built-in GPS feature.

Mobile Number Tracker by Gadgetcouncil

Gadgetcouncil is a kind of portal where you can get a straightforward answer to your search. If you are looking for details about an Indian phone number, the phone tracker service available at this site gets the best solutions to you.

Once you type an Indian phone number in the search box, the mobile number tracker lets you track the location of any mobile number in India. You can trace the location, operator name, or internet service provider name and the signal/network type of the number along with a live location.

Phone GPS Tracker Free

This Android App is developed by GPSWOX.COM for free use to trace mobile number location in India. You can use this tool as a reliable family locator app. Get connected to your PC and monitor all the movements of your kids. You can also get tracking alerts, preview location history, and communicate privately with your family members.

In case you have lost your phone, this multi-function app is the right way to retrieve it. Log in on another device such as a computer or smartphone, and you can use real-time tracking to see your device’s current location.

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As I wind up this guide on How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location in India, you should try at least one option to track someone you want. I would recommend Gpswox.xom and Phone GPS Tracker Free to everyone to start their search with. These technology-based assistants can help you stay safe and find your lost devices too.


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