1. Hi, I tried many websites but they provide very confusing tutorial. You have shared very detailed and step by step tutorial to create fake whatsapp account in India using US, UK, Canada number.

  2. Hi, great tips to create whatsapp account with US, Uk, Canada number from other country. This is possible with virtual phone number which you can use to create whatsapp account.
    I found a product called Wabi, provides virtual phone number over 60 country like canada, UK, US, Australia, India etc.
    You can add this tool in your list in how to create fake whatsapp account with US Uk Canada number.

  3. Thanks for Detailed tutorial to create Fake whatsapp account with Fake United state number, United kingdom number, Canada number.

  4. Dear sir a madam
    Please I want the WhatsApp fake number in the UK is the Canada in the America. Just only I want one number please give me any number of this belief below country
    Thank you


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